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Southside Virginia (not to be confused with the southern portion of Richmond known as Southside) is the portion of the state’s Piedmont region south of the James River. While Southside lacks clearly defined borders, the boundaries are generally considered to be the Atlantic Seaboard Fall Line to the east, the North Carolina border to the south, the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west, and the James River to the north. Many Southside Virginia homes for sale are historic country estates with large acreages.

Though Southside includes several towns and independent cities, the overall character of the region is largely rural. Much of the Lynchburg metropolitan area falls within Southside, as does the city of Danville on the North Carolina border. The south-central location of Southside Virginia homes provides residents with excellent access to the tidewater region, Richmond, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and North Carolina.

Historically, Southside was a center of tobacco farming and the textile industry. Today, some of the largest employers are the many colleges and universities in the area, including Longwood University, Randolph College, the University of Lynchburg, and several schools in the Virginia Community College System. Southside also includes two major army bases, Fort Lee and Fort Pickett.

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